Swift ERP system is a software which has been developed taking in consideration the various opinions of various ERP experts, banking industries and various organizations. It has been developed after thoroughly evaluating the actual glitches and requirements in the real working environment in various type of organizations.

1. Maintains the records of employees along with their documents

2. Keeps attendance logs of the employees on a daily basis

3. Helps record duty rooster for each and every staffs

4. Stores entire history of leave taken by any employee

5. Keeps track of employee movement along with promotion details

6. Manages training details and provides summary report

7. Involves full cycle of appraisal rating

8. Consists of full functionality of payroll management along with the tax rule

9. Management of Travel Orders and related documents

10. Records and maintains overtime details of the employee

11. Complete Life Cycle for Inventory and Fixed Asset

12. Stores detailed information of Vendors

13. Tracks Purchase Order and distribution details of Inventory and Fixed Asset

14. Supports depreciation calculations of Assets as per the Law of Nepal

15. Records maintenance history with detailed information

16. Issues and records Gate Passes for Fixed Assets

17. Provides reports on Inventory and Fixed Assets

18. Insurance information of each and every asset.

19. Maintains records of all the bills.

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