Smart Banking

Smart Banking

Smart Banking is a payment system wallet that supports online and offline money transactions. It serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods. It is a comprehensive and modular system that allows customers to choose the module they need with the ability to add more modules as offerings grow.

The following set of modules are available:

1. Load From bank Account

2. Load From Agent Point

3. Load From ATM

4. Load From Card(Debit/Credit)

5. QR Scan

6. Load To Bank Account

7. Cash Out From Agent Point

8. Cash Out From ATM

9. Bulk Payments

10. QR Payments

11. NFC Payments

12. Ticket System

13. Fee Collection

14. Utility Bill Payment

15. Send Remittance

16. Bulk Payment/ Collection

17. Credit Wallet

18. Air Time Top Up

19. Agent Based Domestic Remittance

20. OFAC Checker

21. Two Factor Authentication

22. Data Fully Encrypted

23. SSL Based Communication

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