About Swift Technology

Swift Technology is a leading Fin-Tech company established in 2015 having development center in Nepal, expertise in digital financial services, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Remittance System, Mobile wallet and customized software development with implementation.

Swift Technology is a digitized solution provider with a diverse team of artistic and technical talents who have a very contemporary and out of the box thinking along with vast experience nationally and internationally.

And also being a part of IME Group, a renowned leading business group of Nepal, have larger satisfied customer base. Our team includes experts who have vast experience in Digital Financial Services, Remittance System, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Digital Banking and Customized Software Development with implementation.

We help to accelerate digital transformation initiatives with highly scalable backend along with middle office solutions and the native mobile application creates consistent as well as seamless user experience across channels.

  • - Swift Technology is an ISO 9001 certified company.
  • - The Best Employer Brand Award 2019” in the IT sector, organized by World HRD Congress.

Swift Technology has carbon neutral and zero waste vision and our organization has been using Doko Recyclers since 2018 to manage its recyclable waste. We request our employees and suppliers to grow at least 10 trees every year and recycle your waste!


Experience in IT

Advancing through innovative approach for adapting the changing technology is the key factor for the success.

Providing fintech solutions being our expertise, we provide true professional collaboration.

Being customer centric, using robust technology in an innovative manner; we help our customer to achieve heights.

Swift Technology has extensive work experience in the field of the IT sector for over a decade now and has been able to deliver optimum solutions to clients as per their requirements. The company visions to create value through innovation, driven by the guiding principle of providing a solution to the financial challenges.





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We strive to become one of the foremost Corporations by introducing innovation in all our business concerns and creating shared values for our stakeholders.


Our mission is to deliver superior value products and services to empower our customers, stakeholders and to society as a whole by creating synergy between our business interests.

Core Values

Swift Technology is founded on the guiding principles of providing solutions to Financial Challenges. We actively nurture innovation in our staff.

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Meet The Founder

Hem Raj Dhakal


Mr. Hem Raj Dhakal is a first generation serial entrepreneur of Nepal. He co-founded the IME Conglomerate along with his brother, Mr. Chandra Prasad Dhakal and played a pivotal role in institutionalizing the remittance business in Nepal. Mr. Hem Raj Dhakal is bestowed with an exhilarating sense of business acumen and has been the focal point in driving the scrupulous growth to IME Group of Companies. His strong leadership, extensive experience in numerous associations, dynamism and humble nature has contributed to the achievement of the group.

Neeraj Dhungana

Acting CEO

Mr. Neeraj Dhungana is presently working as an Acting CEO at Swift Technology. He holds a Master's Degree in Computer Applications from Purbanchal University.

Specialization in digital finance technology and payment processing, he has over 15 years of experience in product development and delivery management.

He believes "communication is a key to success". He perfectly deals with internal communication with his team and has an amazing talent for maintaining the balance between work life and personal life.

With dedication and hard work, he has contributed his expertise to IME pay digital wallet, Fast Digital Banking, Aeon Wallet (Combodia), and multiple other projects.

He has vivacious characteristics, is well driven, and is focused on strengthening the key competencies of the company. He strives to enhance sustainability and innovates business models through his amazing management skills.

He likes to spend his free time spending quality hours with his family. He also has a keen interest in researching diverse domains of IT and the Fintech Industry.

Take a quick overview

  • Current Position
  • Future Plan

Current Position

Currently, the remittance system used by our partner agencies across the country contributes 10% to national GDP of Nepal. Swift Technology has demanding products with a large satisfied customer base nationally and internationally.

Having office in Malaysia also has increased our reach to explore the international market. We have already provided services to the customers of South Korea, Mongolia, Cambodia and Japan. With a strong presence in the market we have successfully created tremendous job opportunities in a very competent manner.

Future Plan

In current word, the nature of a software company need to be a visionary one and Swift Technology will continuously focus on evolving through adapting the changes in the future technologies.

The future we see for a Fin-tech will be AI based credit scoring, innovative credit lending, fulfilling the gap between remitting and banking through digital transformation of banking and remittance, and next generation mobile banking solutions. The banking industry lacks the automation which we will be focusing equally for the bridging. Also we will be focusing on DeFi product development to enter the current wave of Blockchain Technology.

We have the vision of developing AI based human recognition solutions and OCR based document verification solution which will bring revolution to Digital Finance in Nepal. Also, we vision of different kind of KYC (Know Your Customer) related solution which will be very useful for every transaction of Digital Financial Services. This KYC itself will be a unique product in forthcoming days of digitalization.