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Fastbank is a comprehensive Omnichannel Digital Banking Solution Developed by Swift Technology to provide a new level of digital banking experience. The term 'Fastbank' refers to our product that addresses the customer’s banking needs on a real-time basis using various digital channels.
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Key Features

Get ahead using our best in class solution for the Mobile Banking, Internet Banking and Digital Banking .

Flexible & Dynamic Configuration

The back office application is a single admin web portal that is very flexible and dynamic ranging from the user and menu access, merchant setup, account scheme management, RCCD (Reward, Commission, Charge, Discount) management, customer menu management, routing of the transaction to the third party, enabling/disabling features, query-based reporting, etc. For such changes, mobile application updates are not needed to be sent for approval, a majority of the changes are controlled from the back office application.

Responsiveness (Any Device. Any Browser)

Our web application is responsive and the UI will function in an optimized manner on any screen size or browser. The customers have their own preferences of the devices such as laptops or smartphones or browser preference, the responsiveness of our applications will provide a greater digital experience. It will not increase the usability of the web application on the laptop but across all other channels.

Bill Payments & Transfers

Customers are one click away from making a transfer and payments 365/24/7. Such service makes the lives of the customer so much easier, as they never miss out on a bill or due date by allowing one-time or scheduled payments. Fastbank application provides various bill payments ranging from utilities, airlines ticketing, government payment, ISPs, Mobile top-up, landline payment, cable car ticketing, insurance payments, and web checkout options across various third parties’ merchants.

Quick Banking Requests

Some of the basics yet important features require the customer to stop by the bank’s branch and waste their personal time. Customer can access their banking information, schedule a monthly statement delivered by email, change their password, open a fixed deposit account, apply for a loan against fixed deposit, view ATM / Branch locations, request for new chequebook, stop a cheque payment, etc. on their application.

Easy Engagement with Customers

Using push notifications to alert customers about their financial activities and marketing offers is an excellent means to bring the customer back to using the mobile application. The application allows the notification to be personalized as per the targeted customer group, as well as an option to send bulk notifications as well as schedule them. The module also allows engaging customers via email, SMS, and secured inbox.

Robust and Scalable System Architecture

The application is based on full micro service architecture and with the container-based solution makes it highly scalable and modular to cater to multiple services running concurrently to serve different purposes such as Customer service, transaction service, CBS engine service, API gateway, etc. It is also uses mainstream open source technologies that every financial institution seeks in terms of low code development and cost effectiveness.

Interoperable EMV QR Payment

The solution is capable of transacting with all the QR payments in Nepal. All QR under Fonepay Network, Smart QR, Union Pay, and the Wallet Providers QR are easily scanned thus helping the customer to access a wider range of merchants / get attractive cashback across the nation. It is a fast, convenient, and secure solution for both the merchants and the customers.

Native Mobile Application

The adoption of native mobile applications adds to speed, reliability, and a better user interface. It provides seamless integration with all other channels as part of the Omnichannel banking solutions. Native apps make it easy for the customers to engage more in mobile devices (iOS and Android) than a web portal. Such engagement will help drive its usage and increase customer satisfaction.

Consistent Customer Experience

Providing customers with a consistent digital experience with the same UI / UX across various banking channels. The application provides a consistent and seamless interface with similar menus, forms, tables, etc. in all touchpoint applications and adjusted on each customer’s device.

Hassle Free Integration Module

The APIs have been standardized and easily provided to the clients to accelerate the implementation of banking features, it also helps to reduce integration cost drastically. Our REST API allows us to improve performance and make it scalable to meet new business requirements. Any new channels to be added to the solution can be done with our API in a minimal development time period.

Fast Bulk SMS Gateway

Robust and scalable platform for businesses to manage SMS communication in an efficient manner. Developer friendly SMS API’s that helps client to start sending SMS in a quick time. Our gateway supports both pull and push, supports both synchronous and asynchronous modes. Option to send bulk SMS directly from MS Excel spreadsheet. Supports Unicode characters as well.

Protect Your Customer’s Data

Customer Data are highly protected and made secure across all channels. End to end encryption for securely transmitting information between parties. Two-level encryptions are used for customer authentication and transactions. Customers have the option to enable biometric authentication at their convenience. Such security adds trust and confidence among the customers.

Transaction Service

Handles customer information, AML, transaction leg execution and connects to RCCD, Third party API and notification services Merchant Service – Handles all of the merchant registration, secret key encryption, and web-checkout.

Miss Call Banking

Just giving miss call customers are privileged to use various banking services like, balance inquiry, mini statement, top up, EMI inquiry and Loan Product Information.

SMS Banking

Through SMS customer can query about General Information and payments.

Experience our Fast Banking Solution

We help to accelerate digital transformation initiatives with highly scalable backend along with middle office solutions and the native mobile application which creates consistent as well as seamless user experience across channels.

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