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Success Stories IME Remittance System

Agent Based Money Transfer Sub-System is operated by IME agents under specific terms and conditions. IME agents use the “Core Remittance System” to execute transfer to destination bank accounts or to other IME agent locations where receiver can collect the transferred money physically with identification process.

Online Money Transfer is used by individual customers who wish to use credit cards, acceptable debit cards and other online tools. Users use the online gateway to send money from their account to receiver’s bank account or to selected IME agents at receiver’s end. The Core remittance system also integrates to various third party systems via cross APIs, while complying with the financial rules and regulations set by the operating country and with anti-money laundering standards.

Core Remittance System is the web based platform with two major sub-systems:

IME, International Money Express is a leading remittance service provider operating over 30 countries using diverse vendor’s application to send and receive money. Using the diverse application causes lot of issues like integration with other money transfer providers, support services, long application down time, security issues and scalability when demand of service was growing.

To address this challenge Swift Technology, IME’s strategic partner for IT services conceived an idea to develop an in house product which will be robust, scalable and secured with easy to integrate feature to cater money transfer needs. The result was the “Core Remittance System”.


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