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Success Stories : GME Remittance System

Global Money Express Company Limited (GME) is the first non-bank remittance service provider in Korea. They are licensed by Ministry of Strategy & Finance in Korea to provide remittance services to selected countries, and with time open their services to rest of the world too. With their main objective of making remittance transfer simpler and more cost effective than ever before, and the need to increase their presence In-Stores and online (Web & mobile App) to ensure everyone would benefit from their services.

Core Remittance System is the web based platform with two major sub-systems:

Swift Technology was involved in the Web & Mobile development for GME Korea, and integrated over 100+ API to carry out transaction in over 50 countries. It has helped them to bring down the cost and speed up sending money, which in return has benefited hundreds of customers being able to send more money than ever before and in much lesser time.

Till date, Swift has been providing 24*7 service with dedicated teams; and have been continually involved in current and future development works.

Oprating Countries

Leading Korean Remittance Company

1st Government authorized private remittance company